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Take control with the simplest, most beautiful web apps in the industry.
Controls for all your lights
Whether you want to retrofit existing lights with inexpensive modules or invest in lights with embedded wireless capabilities, Unifi connects them all with our passport gateway.
A control platform that saves you much more than it costs.
Unifi is an extremely cost effective control platform, with price points as low as $180 annually. Cost scales with you, not against you. In addition to significant energy savings, our control solution opens the door for numerous utility rebates and tax incentives, which more than cover costs as well as speed up LED payback times.
Open by Design
Unifi was built to be open. We’ve partnered with leading manufacturers, created solutions for facility managers and lighting designers, and built our code with a robust API for third-party developers. Find out more about how we are working hard to make controls easy and accessible to the entire industry.
Let us do the hard work of making your products easy to control.
Need specific solutions for your clients? We give you options when the others try to lock you in.
Have ideas for taking controls to the next level? Get started with our API and let your creativity shine.
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Welcome to intuitive controls
  • - Manage all your devices from a single app
  • - Personalize with unique titles and icons
  • - Quickly search and filter
  • - Know what each device is doing - from inside the app
unifi™ passport
The low-cost coordinator that bridges the connection between the cloud and your lighting fixtures.
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